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rapture :iconphantomtigers:Phantomtigers 4 7
suis-moi en bas
                  en bas
                        en bas
permettre aux chaînes de rentrer dans ta peau
suis-moi dans l'obscurité
donne-moi ta main
suis-moi à travers les plantes grimpantes
                                   les plantes grimpantes
                                               les plantes grimpantes
les plantes grimpantes sont le sumac grimpant
boire mon pois
:iconphantomtigers:Phantomtigers 2 8
something was lost
the devil's horns are digging into my flesh and they never
said it would hurt like this.
I was raised to be a martyr--but they never told me the meaning
of that word.
I was lucifer's child and that title was branded upon me with
spiteful eyes and cups of blood broken pieces of bodies I was
fire is what burns in hell and any fire that burnt in me must have
been brought along when I was taken
from there and I
know they were just afraid and that is why they suffocated me.
the closest I could get to fading without actually
was becoming water but good girls are not water they are air not seen and not heard and they're not anything but
I was still water.
I flowed.
my bones were roots already grounded in the dirt and I could not be moved.
I was apologetic for my natural self preservation. I could not stop it and I could not disappear.
good girls disappear.
I screamed from the moment of my birth and chaos is unholy so my
roars that bled through my already
:iconphantomtigers:Phantomtigers 16 10
the day is coming to an end
don’t say it.
the embers only ignite
if you
on the
don’t breathe.
but not
with me.
the moon has
sunk beneath
your cheekbones.
we do not need
to try
the sun will rise. someone
will be your first thought
and I will be your
that is alright.
don’t say it.
once lit
it is sure
to die.
quickly burn,
and end
our lives.
it will sizzle,
it will rage,
against the dying
of its day.
it will burn
our hands that we
so tightly
clasp onto
the untamable.
it will burn our homes.
natural penance for
taking pride in what
is sure
don’t say it.
don’t look back.
press your hands
to the glass and
fog it with
newly acquainted
passionate embraces;
leave corny
but just not,
with me.
:iconphantomtigers:Phantomtigers 17 13
Saving Private Ryan
One day
you will realize that I confined you
to this heartbeat
for your own good;
and I hope that you will
one day
be able to thank me.
Leaving you bottled memories
for company,
and the scalps of people who
handed you poison
wrapped in your
own discarded
You reached for me
still darkness chained in your
I accepted you
and allowed it
to taint me.
Those who cared for me
So I whispered
You lashed out,
wounded and afraid,
and I
waged war
257 days
and 258 nights.
As you struggle to the surface of
our bed drowning in
the blood of battle wounds—
as you see my corpse,
that you were
worth the fight.
                         Note: don’t feel
                         on account of the
:iconphantomtigers:Phantomtigers 14 9
l'appel du vide
Il est septembre soir.
et je ne suis
pas encore
Où est ma
récupération ?
:iconphantomtigers:Phantomtigers 9 24
Atlas Shrugged
Suspended in the
retrograded ocean of
this auburn turns to
glass as soon as I try to
break the surface.
Unhalted overflowing blunt
pouring from the
99 bottles of beer
(smashed) on the wall,
and still the force of
the collision between
my body and objects
is not enough to
my heartbeat.
My blacktop was
a colorblind father
who could not distinguish between
black and blue
on my own skin;
pumped-up kicks
to the abdomen
or ribs
as screams
for help
were muted
by theology.
Home has hit me
with the force of a thousand
tomorrows (for someone
fearing the future
while resenting the present
and wishing to change
the past);
and the trauma of a child
who learnt there was no
room under the bed
to confine all of your
demons (while you
run and run and run
and run further
to try and
reach safety).
So I slipped away to
rot within neglected flaws
(tired of being told to
primal “love”).
My secret escape was
far too professional;
since no one could
discover me,
:iconphantomtigers:Phantomtigers 19 18
today is Pompeii
and I shall call it such.
volcanoes are my device of
normality’s standards;
and I will
wait 132 days—
just to burn
(finally live).
I will brand my arms
with the shards of
sky falling down
and call you blind.
you can imprint yourself
on my cornea, (although
my eyes are already halfway
and call me
oh so unwell.
friend, lover,
mother, father,
sister, brother,
son, daughter,
today is not the day
that I subdue
my flaws.
today is the day that I
disintegrate and reform
from my dissipation.
turning my sins
to ashes and ashes
to lungs so I can
breathe despite being
entombed by eruptions
out of my control.
today is Pompeii,
and my fate is
:iconphantomtigers:Phantomtigers 22 25
she wrapped her fingers
(creeping up slowly
like that weed
in your garden
that you wish would
die off
and never return.)
around his,
(suffocating the
life out of him
as well,
and dragging
him down
into her depression.)
she promised
to never
let go,
(because then
who would keep her
from drowning.)
and she told him
that she would always
be his personal
(and she meant it like
a promise but really it
just sounded like
a curse.)
her words honestly
came across anything other than
(because her saying that,
said everything
she really didn’t want to
:iconphantomtigers:Phantomtigers 14 26
Mature content
Poet x Poet :iconphantomtigers:Phantomtigers 21 66
suicidal waves (2)
mist from recently evaporated  
suicidal waves
sank deep
into my pores
with muddied whispered promises of
oh did it nurture;
the poison ivy that possessed me.
oh did it quiet me,
my screams
for help.
oh did it conceal me,
from the joy
and honesty
I sought.
to such an aged
I was an easy novel
to read,
with all of my weaknesses
the vapor pushed me
not obtusely,
till I too
bowed my spine low
in defeat.
I reached&waspulled
searching for
my home when
my body was comprised of
90% water and
90% of that was
liquid melancholy;
the remaining 10% of oxygen
was burning
my paper-cut gills.
I crossed the
safety line
and bent&stepped&reached&leapt
over the edge
of the sea cliffs;
:iconphantomtigers:Phantomtigers 16 21
the ghosts of sunken houses (1)
waves swell;
riding upon the crest
of silhouettes
from nameless
forgotten suicides.
the surges slam
their bodies against
unsympathetic cliffs,
releasing screams that dissipate into
cloudy sighs.
as the upsurge
release their salty grip
and fall back into the ocean limply;
their fog of
exhaled defeat
slowly rises.
creeping soundlessly along
the rocks till it bursts
out over the top and
free-falls down the mountain sides
to form a melancholic
hovering veil.
the vertebrae  of newly christened
gradually curve&collapse into the
gentle pressure of the
consuming the rot,
trapping it within every brick,
lusting for more embrace
by leaning
        and further
                   and further
                             and further,
:iconphantomtigers:Phantomtigers 12 24
evacuation warning
when your arms cannot extend—
because of the pretty little boxes you have confined yourself to:
when you cannot think past the same thoughts—
feeding a continuous cycle of self-hatred:
when habits begin to cage your life—
and shame stops you from tearing down your addictions:
when your environment encourages you—
to believe you’re insignificant:
when her words are weapons—
all directed towards breaking you down:
when his words are fists—
and his fists are fury:
when you see flames tiptoeing closer to embrace your horizon—
to deliver searing kisses of destruction:
it’s not safe for you,
get out now.
:iconphantomtigers:Phantomtigers 11 26
margins by Phantomtigers margins :iconphantomtigers:Phantomtigers 25 46
Mature content
skinny love :iconphantomtigers:Phantomtigers 236 194
Mature content
Dissection of Despondency :iconphantomtigers:Phantomtigers 6 11
I hope you enjoy my musings C: (warning: if you are vulnerable to being emotionally upset right now, I would suggest avoiding my poetry.)


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